Who we are.

LYO EUROPE based in Fontanellato (PR) Italy is one of the major European producers of freeze-dried foods aimed at the following sectors: INDUSTRY – HO.RE.CA – RETAIL

The company has the following production lines:

A- Nr. 3 discontinuous freeze-drying tunnels
B- Atomization Tower
C- Various packaging and grinding lines

Lyo Europa is a BRC – MSC – FDA – BIO certified company and equipped with a special internal laboratory where its specialized personnel carry out chemical and organoleptic analyzes and controls both on the incoming raw materials and on the finished product.

Research & Development is always carried out internally and is very often driven by customer requests.

Third party processing

Both in the freeze-drying and atomization departments, Lyo Europa is available to carry out work on behalf of third parties but always against specific programming.


Our product range embraces the main product categories:

Vegetables – Aromatic Herbs – Cheeses – Fruits – Meat – Fish

What is freeze drying.

Freeze-drying is a highly technological process aimed at obtaining the complete dehydration of a product by means of vacuum sublimation: the ice passes from the solid state to the gaseous state without passing through the liquid state.

In this way all the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of the fresh product remain unchanged thanks to the “low” process temperatures (max 35-45°C on the product).

The “almost” total absence of water in the freeze-dried product (< 1%), guarantees a long conservation period while safeguarding its quality and freshness.

Main characteristics of freeze-dried products

total absence of additives and/or preservatives: 100% natural product;
organoleptic quality identical to the fresh product;
reduced weight due to the absence of water;
long conservation at room temperature if kept closed in the original packaging, without the need for a cold chain;
absolute sanitary safety: the absence of water prevents the development of bacteria.

In the following diagram, we can understand how sublimation (the direct passage of water from the solid state – ice – to the gaseous state – water vapor -) takes place below the triple point of water: